Nutrition Tour at the Grocer!

As we are learning about Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habits in May, we had a unique Nutrition Field Trip at the grocery today! An expert registered dietitian led our children through the grocery store where we identified different kind of fruits and vegetables by engaging in a mystery guessing game and a scavenger hunt! This interactive learning experience engages and teach...
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Goodbye Butterflies!

After 32 days of growing from caterpillars to cocoons to beautiful butterflies, we finally had to say goodbye to our twelve little butterflies and release them to their nature home! Though it was sad to say goodbye, it has been precious to take care of them and witness their different stages in these 32 days. Today in the park, our children carefully moved the butterflies ou...
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Honeybees On The Farm!

Today we explored the UBC Farm and engaged with the farm environment through our five senses. We observed different types of flowers on the farm in this season and even visited the chicken’s home and honeybee hives! We learned from bee etiquette to safely observe native bees work around the farm. We turned ourselves into honeybees to find nectar and pollen in flowers, and learn...
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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!! On the last day before the Easter long weekend, our children hopped on the Stanley Park Train for an egg-citing Easter ride through Stanley Park through the forest and look for cotton-tailed inhabitants - Easter bunnies! After the exciting train ride, children enjoyed their favorite Easter egg hunt in the big outdoor farmyard and surprisingly they all won the...
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Do Small Things with Great Love

"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” In order to apply our contribution knowledge to real life, today our children went to the Richmond Food Bank Society to donate lots of food items and personal hygiene items they brought to school today, including canned soup, canned fruits, pasta sauce, toothpaste, salt and sugar etc. They also ...
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The World of Kidtropolis!

As we are learning about occupation and community helpers this month, today we engaged into the pretend city where children used their imagination to work together and bring to life! We turned ourselves into different occupation such as policemen, firefighters, dentists, pilots, veterinarians, radiologists, teachers, news name it all! By now our children shou...
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