Salmon Fish Hatchery

We made it to the Salmon Hatchery to learn about salmon run and salmon spawning! It was such an amazing experience to see hundreds of salmon fish together! After the field trip, our kids couldn’t wait to draw the salmon they just saw. We also made and ate yummy salmon nuggets together!
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A Visit To The Farm

It’s the last field trip of our Summer Camp to the Maplewood Farm! Children played with the goats, sheep, cows, pigs and rabbits, fed the chickens and ducks, and finally watched the milking demonstration. What a nice and peaceful petting zoo day to end our week.
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Pottery Workshop

We had lots of fun in our ceramics/pottery workshops with our professional and lovely instructor during summer camp! It absolutely took lots of time and effort to turn the clay into these beautiful and colourful ceramic animal plates! Well done kids!!!
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Indoor Fun Playground

TGIF! We had a super fun day at the Funky Monkey Fun Park today! Although it’s a bit far away from school, it was all worth our trip here as our children did not want to leave at all! They fell asleep right away on the school bus as they were all exhausted and also very full after the pizza party!
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Little Soccer Summer Camp

Our Little Soccer Summer Camp has just started! Great thanks to our professional coaches for offering such a wonderful program to our little kids! We even had so much fun in the rain today! It definitely enhances active play and gross motor skills. Let’s kick the balls again next week!!!  
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Space Centre

The field-trip to HR MacMillan Space Centre ended our wonderful school year! We explored the solar system and the life of the astronauts! Who is willing to spend $1 million dollars to go into the space? Our children said YES!
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Happy Mother’s Day!

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"To The World You Are A Mother, But To Your Family You Are The World!" We wish all of the greatest Moms out there a Happy Mother's Day! You totally deserve this special day to be honored for your unconditional love, care and hardwork.   It was a pleasure celebrating this meaningful day with all the Moms and Grandmas at our Mother's Day Spring Tea Ceremony of 2019! We hope eve...
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Goodbye Baby Chicks…

It’s time to say goodbye to our baby chicks after 3 weeks... We brought the baby chicks home (farm) and wish them all happy and healthy with their Mother hen. We also had a wonderful time with the chickens, horses, sheep and goats at the farm! It’s such a peaceful and relaxing place to work at!
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