Merry Christmas from SOTEL!

Our SOTEL Annual Christmas Concert 2018 was a blast!!! Thank you everyone for participating and celebrating the joyful holiday season with us! We are feeling proud of our children’s amazing performance! We would also like to thank you for your generosity to make this fundraising to BC Children’s Hospital so successful! On behalf of all children and teachers at SOTEL, we w...
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Bringing Love & Joy to the Seniors!

Every year during the Christmas season, our SOTEL children visit the Seniors’ home as SANTAs and bring flowers and handmade gifts to the Seniors with their love and care! We all celebrate the festive season together with Christmas songs and dance! The Seniors’ smiles and happiness are the reasons we want to come visit them again! Let’s spread the love and joy around the comm...
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Applebarn Day

APPLES APPLES APPLES!!! We finally got to visit the Applebarn to end our September! Although it was such a long and exhausting trip, it was all worth it when our kids had such a wonderful time at the farm! We rode on the apple carts, challenged the kiddie corn maze, pet the bunnies and baby goats at the farmville, and jumped on the giant pumpkin pillow! We even tasted the...
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Hello OWL! :)

Children had a very meaningful and educational workshop about raptors in wildlife during our “OWL SUMMER CAMP”. We were introduced to two permanently injured raptors: an owl and a falcon who became educational ambassadors for their species to help educate the public about the importance of raptors, environmental conservation and how we can help these birds. Thank you for ...
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Blueberry U-Picking

It’s blueberry picking season again! Today we made it to Emma Lea Farms to pick blueberries ourselves! Children couldn’t resist eating the blueberries while picking them! Great thanks to the warm weather so we could stay longer to visit the Donkeys and have so much fun in the playground! We picked 30 pounds of blueberries in total today (not including those we ate!) Good ...
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